Implant Restorative Dentistry in Shawlands, Glasgow

As part of our digital services we can also offer bespoke implant restorative options for spaces where teeth have been lost.

The process begins with one of our specialist implantologists placing the implant in the most suitable position in the mouth. From there, we begin the design process digitally by producing a 3d model and using this to produce an exceptionally accurate restoration which is unique to the patient.

This process uses computer guided manufacturing and all without the use of conventional impressions (moulds), and so is very comfortable for the patient with no gagging or retching. Another excellent feature of this process is that we can produce a digital preview of how the finished implant restored area will look before it is manufactured. This gives the patient and the dentist the freedom make any changes before committing to the manufacturing process.

As the restorative process is minimally invasive, there should be no discomfort and in most cases, we can perform the digital design through to fitting without the use of an injectable anaesthetic.

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