Digital Dentistry in Shawlands, Glasgow

Throughout the last year, the practice has been making steady improvements and additions to our equipment with a move to digital dentistry.

Our team feel that adopting new technologies as they become available is vitally important to providing the best care for our patients. Two notable additions to our equipment lists are as follows.

Glasgow South Dental Care

Digital 2d x-rays

We have installed these units in each of our treatment rooms.
Digital image processing lessens any radiation exposure significantly and improves patient safety.
Allows viewing of images on a screen within a minute. This helps us with prompt diagnosis and in explaining treatments to our patients.
Allows easy sharing of images with other dental/medical professionals if onward referral is needed.

Medit intra oral scanner

This is truly a quantum leap in dental technology which allows us to take a scan of the patients mouth where we would normally be required to take an impression (silicon moulds).
Eliminates any discomfort or gagging associated with conventional impressions.
Can be used to make crowns, bridges, dentures, retainers, orthodontic aligners and grinding splints.
Unparalleled accuracy.
The scan is performed with a narrow wand which takes images inside the mouth (8000 images per minute) and a 3d model is produced.
This image can be viewed and shared with patients or dental lab professionals.
The scanning procedure produces no aerosol spray and so is potentially safer than conventional impressions.

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